Why Choose Purafil?

Our sales team at Ripple Effect often face this question almost in every client meeting and to no surprise each of them have wonderful things to say about Puafil’s products. But I am mostly reminded of Aristotle’s quote: “Quality is not act. It is a habit.” This strongly resonates in Purafil’s products. With every batch of chemical media supplied, with every filtration equipment (including the knobs, hinges and even the G3 coated enamel paints), every air filter, you know that quality is one of the strong blocks in Purafil’s foundation.


Purafil was established in 1969 and revolutionized the gas phase filtration industry by creating the world’s first active oxidant-impregnated air cleaning pellet. Some of the “firsts” Purafil was part of were:

  • first to engineer, manufacture, and patent potassium and sodium permanganate impregnated media for the eradication of air pollutants.
  • first to engineer, manufacture, and patent Purafil SP, the only pellet to contain 12% sodium permanganate for the highest working capacity targeting a broad range of contaminants
  • first to develop and patent the OnGuard® quartz crystal microbalance technology for continuous, real-time monitoring of corrosion.
  • first to develop the Purafilter®, a combination gaseous and particulate pleated filter with chemical media

and many more…


Purafil’s solution simply assess, remove and continuously monitor harmful and corrosive gases in the indoor air space. The simplicity in this process is because of innovation, continuous research and development and diligent quality assessment of every product manufactured. Purafil now offers over 30,000 SKUs, operates in over 70 countries, owns 28 active patents and trademarks, and is the first choice in cutting edge filtration for top search provider data centers, NASA launch pads, global oil refineries, major medical facilities, pulp and paper facilities, municipal water treatment plants, the Smithsonian Institute, opera houses, hospitals, embassies, universities, international airports, luxury resorts and hotels, office buildings, and financial institutions.


Case studies and success stories:

Mindpspace complex, Mumbai

This is a classic case study where Purafil was able to solve corrosion issues in one of the largest commercial complexes, Mindspace complex in Mumbai by providing exhaustive solutions to protect sensitive equipment and reducing downtime and maintenance costs due to corrosive attack. The complex housed multinational corporations such as IBM, Intel, Vodaphone, Duetsche Bank, Amazon, Toyota, Oracle and GE. Click here to read more


Corrosion in a non-Purafil environment


One of Ripple Effect’s responsibility (in terms of representing Purafil) is to educate the customer to be aware of cheap imitations of the patented chemical media. These imitation products are not only a waste of money but are detrimental to the safety of the electronic equipment and human health. This is because they simply cannot filter as efficiently as Purafil chemical media. Thereby unnecessarily increasing operational costs. To this effect we proved this point of our prominent Pulp and Paper clients by doing a corrosion coupon study in the DCS space where there was a competition “air filter” Click link to see the study


It was very obvious to the customer why Purafil was needed in their environment.

Vision for India

Over the past 12 months, Ripple Effect has been able to address most of the corrosion issues in prominent industries such as pulp and paper, oil and gas refineries, data centres, multinational companies and so on. Purafil and Ripple Effects’ common mission is to establish a strong brand presence for Purafil and integrate itself as India’s leading solution provider for any indoor air problems by providing innovative solutions and customer-centric services thereby improving the bottom line of these companies.

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