Indoor Air Quality Testing

Ripple Effect is associated with NABL accredited and MoEF recognised laboratory for providing Indoor Air Quality testing services to our clients. We believe in providing solid scientific proof of our technology in terms of Indoor Air Quality test reports recognised by national and international accreditation bodies.

Additional to our patented technology these Indoor Air Quality test reports help our clients in LEED, RESET and Green Building certifications.

Corrosion Audit

Since the advent of RoHS guidelines in restricting use of lead in the electronics, the IT industry has taken a hit in the capital loss due to corrosion related issues in their electronics in data centres and server rooms. Ripple Effect provides a systematic approach in investigating the worthiness of corrosion control techniques and suggest suitable economic method to control corrosion in data centres, control centres, server rooms. We inspect the corrosion sites, analyse the reasons for corrosion, suggest methods of prevention and do a cost analysis of prevention and losses due to corrosion.

Media Life Analysis

Ripple Effect provides a complimentary service of analysing the media samples from the air scrubbers to determine the remaining life. The media is sampled at the client site and sent to Purafil lab for analysis and a comprehensive report is submitted so that the client can schedule a date to ensure protected space is not exposed to gas break through or that your media is replaced prematurely.